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When the requirements are poorly defined, you are left with many question marks and holes in the project that lead to its failure. Besides, if you have missing requirements or poor specification, it will take a lot of time to correct it, and you will have to conduct additional meetings or interviews with the customer to discuss everything through and update your specification.

Unclear Project Idea

In certain cases, customers can’t clearly describe their ideas, making the process of requirements gathering rather painful and challenging. Multiple iterations with the customers might be required to reduce misconception and better understand what should be included in a project. It all turns requirements gathering into a long-lasting process.

Inadequate requirements

Inadequate requirements result in poor cost estimates that may be higher or lower than the actual project cost. Besides, requirements errors may lead to resources wasted on unnecessary work and project defects.


Most businesses want to spend less time on requirements documentation so they produce bare outlines without any detail. Such approach often results in the above-mentioned problems since the lack of detail leads to the possibility of increased errors. 
To eliminate this problem, we offer you to use a ready-made requirements gathering tool that will help you easily collect and prioritize project requirements, thus saving your time. As a possible solution, we offer our customers to use our requirements gathering tool. It’s a survey in which all the questions are organized by the type of project requirements, including functional, technical, and business requirements. Such survey has all the necessary information structured in a logical way. It helps our customers to reduce the time spent on requirements gathering and eliminates errors and overtime work.


There are various techniques and tools for requirements gathering available on the market. We recommend you to check out our survey and share your requirements gathering experience. Based on your replies, we will help you come up with the most effective requirements gathering technique that will save your time and ensure accuracy.

1) What approaches do you mostly use to determine the project scope? 2) What techniques do you use to estimate the project cost? 3) What tools do you prefer to use to elicit your project requirements? 4) How much time do you usually spent on requirements gathering? 5) Is it difficult for you to prioritize the solution’s requirements? 6) What techniques do you use to pinpoint/avoid missing requirements? 7) What business intelligence tools do you currently use in your organization? 8) Do you generally use one technique or multiple techniques to baseline your project requirements? 9) Do you always use the same requirements gathering technique irrespective of the situation? 10) Please, name the difficulties/challenges that you usually face during the requirements gathering stage. 11) Have you ever experienced any problems when discussing project requirements with your customers? Please, name them. 12) Have you ever underestimated the time/effort needed for the project? 13) Are there any tools that help you to gather requirements faster? Name if there are any

Fill in this survey and in the next article, based on your answers, we will help you to find the effective requirements gathering technique tailored to your business needs.