A dynamic financial forms builder for seamless auditing experience.

  • Challenge

    The client, a consulting firm, required a tool for quick gathering of financial data from accountants. The main idea was to give an auditor as much control as possible over the process of gathering data so that to save time on filtering the redundant data and facilitate its further auditing.


    The application designed by Alverden makes creating, processing and storing financial documents as easy as ABC. It allows an auditor to create a form where they can specify what particular data they need for auditing. An accountant then fills in the form and sends it back for an auditor’s review.

    Each form can be viewed and edited by all concerned parties. At the same time, all changes made to a form are saved as versions and can be safely rolled back to a previous version.

    Thus, the application helps standardize the auditing process across diverse clients and reduce the possibility of losing important data in the middle of auditing.


    Frontend: JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS 
    Backend: ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework
  • What Our Customers Are Saying

    Daniel Shaffer
    Daniel Shaffer:
    S4 NetQuest, CEO
    Our Alverden team did a great job for us in developing a complex web application. They were very reliable and responsive from the first prototype clear through our pilot operations at client sites. Communications with our internal project manager were outstanding. They were able to quickly add team members as the development effort scaled up. Also, our Alverden team members were consistent through the project which was critical to efficient development and unusual to find. It has been very good to work with them and I highly recommend Alverden.
    Don Timlin
    Don Timlin:
    EvenFlow Irrigation, Owner
    I just want to let everyone know that Alexander and his "Crew" will exceed your every expectation. It isn't that they are knowledgeable, creative, fast, convenient, or affordable. It’s that they are all of these combined and that is what’s truly rare in this market. I have two companies and I can't survive without their help. They have consistently kept me ahead of the internet curve. You can't compare what they do with anyone as I have yet to find anyone who even comes close. If you think for a moment that this is all fluff, stop and call me at my office 302-832-1176 and ask for Don. P. S. Now don't overload these guys as I need them still.
    Alex Groyz
    Alex Groyz:
    Travana, technical director
    We needed Alverden Systems to develop a solution to internally charge customers and also to create a marketing tool to connect with affiliates. As a result, their web services bolstered our marketing campaign as affiliates could easily access our data. The Alverden team was very reliable and always delivered high-quality products. They maintained workload to fit timely intervals and managed code quality to high standards. Their burn chart metrics showed consistent focus on the project. I would work with them again and would recommend them for any technical project.
     Louis Cucciniello
    Louis Cucciniello:
    Partner, Pacific Asset Management
    Talented and engaged, Alverden Systems offers consistent and reliable support that has reduced overall workload. The team is accessible, responsive, and willing to adjust their communication and reporting needs to meet operational requirements. You can contact them any time, day or night, and be assured that they will address all issues promptly. As a result, Alverden has managed not only provide custom app development services to fit our needs, but also support our existing infrastructure. We are fully satisfied with the quality of their work and highly recommend them as an experienced technological partner.
    Brandon Lusignan
    Brandon Lusignan:
    3DShowing, COO
    We've spent the last 7 months working on several projects with the team at Alverden and they have been great to work with! From scoping out the work straight through to completing the projects, they always make it so easy. Prior to working with Alverden Systems we had had work done by other developers but it always seemed painstakingly difficult to get the projects done. With Alverden, the opposite has proved true. Always glad they can help us with!
    Dmitry Plotnikov
    Dmitry Plotnikov:
    Microsoft MVP, Software Developer
    Alverden’s communication and expertise exceeded expectations. Their developer brought extensive experience and knowledge to the project, resulting in positive and timely results. When things needed fixing, they completed the changes with speedy delivery.
    Johnny Oshika
    Johnny Oshika:
    Jobcast, CTO
    Our company was developing a complicated analytics solution that required intensive computations that were overwhelming our database. That's when we hired Alverden Systems to solve this problem for us using an OLAP tool, SQL Server Analysis Services. They were professional, talented, and solved our problems effectively and promptly. It's a pleasure to work with the guys from Alverden and I'd be happy to recommend their services.
    Khalid Ryzzaq
    Khalid Ryzzaq:
    Halo Voice, Owner
    Alverden Systems team has been working with me on Start Halo chatbot. The goal was to create a chatbot with third-party integrations. As a result, an easily customizable application was completed within the discussed timeframe and budget. In under 6 months, Alverden team delivered a fully functional application that is currently used by a number of users on a daily basis. I have had a great pleasure of working with the team. Their team members are skilled, agile and attached to their work so they've been a great partner and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
    Vivian Bai
    Vivian Bai:
    Lilla, Owner
    Alverden team did a fantastic job in helping me to create Lilla. I don’t have an IT background. Lilla was just an idea. They've gone above and beyond when working on the project, providing valuable insights on the usability of the application from the developer perspective. We have made Lilla better than my original design. Guys have excellent communication skills, they are very patient when listening to complex concepts, asking the right questions, and they are able to easily understand business ideas outside their field. Besides they are very responsive to my queries, and have great problem solving skills. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Alverden Systems. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to bring a business idea into life.
    Doug Bower
    Doug Bower:
    Adenium Systems, President
    I am extremely impressed with the technical skills and customer service of Alverden team. They developed from scratch Dodge PlanRoom as a single, secure environment for construction professionals, which serves to connect and share plans, specifications, and other documentation. The solution handles the problems that contractors, subcontractors, and other professionals face in today’s construction world and provides the right tool for the job to help them succeed. Moreover, Alverden team knows exactly which core software functions increase revenues profits of the organization. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of web development and would work with them again on new projects with great pleasure.

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